One connection to Global IP Tandem gets you connected to hundreds of urban and rural IP providers.

Think About It!
What could be easier. One IP Connection to Global IP Tandem connects you to our entire database of Member companies worldwide. This single connection allows you to terminate calls to any of our member subscribers for a flat rate of only $0.004 per minute, AND for providers who have never been able to collect access fees for terminating phone calls, Global IP Tandem will PAY YOU $0.002 per minute for every minute you terminate for one of our other member companies. SIMPLE, PRODUCTIVE and COST EFFECTIVE, thats what Global IP Tandem provides to you.


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At Global IP Tandem we are all about simplicity and ease of use. Three simple steps get you exchanging digital traffic with other member companies. After that, maintaining your account is a breeze with our traffic analytics and advanced billing systems. After all, it just isn't that hard to terminate SIP traffic to an ever growing network of member companies who are already exchanging traffic today.





Steps is all it takes


Registration takes just a couple of minutes and you will have started the quick process of saving your company time and money in terminating your SIP based traffic. If you company is new to Global IP Tandem just register some basic information and we will take care of the rest. You will be sent a confirmation mail followed shortly by a call from our sales specialist which begins the next step, the Enrollment Process. If your company already has a Member Account, then just complete the registration information along with your Member ID. We will authorize your request with the Administrator of your account and if approved, provide you with a unique User ID and Passcode.






In the Enrollment process we setup the information that will be required by both parties. Contact information for the assigned engineer from both companies will be exchanged as well as the finance person who will not only be in charge of your account but can review and execute the Member Services Agreement for your company. Once the documents are completed we can now move to Step 3, Integration and Testing.




As you know contracts are all well and good but it's integration and testing are where the rubber meets the road. Once the Enrollment process is completed we will send to the primary engineering contact access to the Network Analytics and account management area. From here you can complete the Inter-Op form for both the originating connection as well as the terminating connection into your switch site. All standard questions that you are used to seeing such as IP Routing, Codec Type, and other Engineering information will be asked. Additionally, we will request your registered Phone Number Blocks (NPA-NXX) that you can terminate on your network digitally so we can upload those into our switching platform and prepare for testing. After both sides confirm that they are ready to go, we will begin testing inbound and outbound calls and run verification sweeps for QOS and CDR recording verification.



Register for your company or as a user for your company...

It's time to get the contacts and forms completed...


Testing is just around the corner... are you ready?



That's it. It's as simple as that. Now your up and running, what can you do? We have provided a couple of additional steps below and talked about what you can do once you have become a Member of Global IP Tandem.. Welcome to Global IP Tandem.







How's your traffic running?

It's important to keep track of your inbound and outbound minutes. From the Network Analytics Area you can get real time traffic counters and manage your call traffic. Use our Member Portal to access our knowledge base and open support cases as required. You can add or delete NPA-NXX blocks easily by just a few clicks of a button and as part of the ongoing management of your account you will be able to track LNP subscribers entering or leaving your network.






Your savings are adding up...

Global IP Tandem makes it possible for you to manage and pay your bill either by Wire Transfer, ACH or by Credit Card. With approved credit you may be eligible to pay by company check. As the Finance contact assigned for your company you will have access to a special area on our Member Portal to manage the financial requirements of your business. We take great care in providing a safe and secure area in which to manage and maintain your account. If you need any special assistance you can open a support case or contact us directly to resolve any issues or customize our systems to better enable you to manage your business more efficiently. At Global IP Tandem we pride ourselves on flexibility and offer the best in support for our Member companies free of charge.