One connection to Global IP Tandem gets you connected to hundreds of urban and rural IP providers.

Think About It!
What could be easier. One IP Connection to Global IP Tandem connects you to our entire database of Member companies worldwide. This single connection allows you to terminate calls to any of our member subscribers for a flat rate of only $0.004 per minute, AND for providers who have never been able to collect access fees for terminating phone calls, Global IP Tandem will PAY YOU $0.002 per minute for every minute you terminate for one of our other member companies. SIMPLE, PRODUCTIVE and COST EFFECTIVE, thats what Global IP Tandem provides to you.


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Global IP Tandem has partnered with Genband to deliver a carrier-class solution that meets our most demanding service providers' communication requirements. Hundreds of network operators worldwide depend on Genband for reliable, scalable carrier system solutions. Our systems provide interconnection services providing our members with exceptional levels of reliability and performance.

Our datacenter is located at 319 Executive Drive in Troy Michigan located within the Waveform Technologies facility. We monitor and maintain our systems 24 hours a day with our Network Operations Center located at our corporate facility for quick problem resolution if required.

The datacenter, located in an old EDS datacenter, maintains dual primary utility feeds with dual 1,500 kW back-up generators configured for N+1 redundancy with 5,200-gallon common storage tanks. Cooling is provided by three dedicated cooling towers independent from the building and is passed through a pressurized raised floor for air distribution. Diverse conduit entry points as well as redundant fiber entry points are used. Security measures include 100% security camera coverage, biometric entry points and 24x7 security staff.