One connection to Global IP Tandem gets you connected to hundreds of urban and rural IP providers.

Think About It!
What could be easier. One IP Connection to Global IP Tandem connects you to our entire database of Member companies worldwide. This single connection allows you to terminate calls to any of our member subscribers for a flat rate of only $0.004 per minute, AND for providers who have never been able to collect access fees for terminating phone calls, Global IP Tandem will PAY YOU $0.002 per minute for every minute you terminate for one of our other member companies. SIMPLE, PRODUCTIVE and COST EFFECTIVE, thats what Global IP Tandem provides to you.


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Corporate Headquarters

3280 N. Elms Rd
Suite B
Flushing, Michigan 48433
Phone: 810.922.9558
Fax: 214.594.6999
eMail: info@globaliptandem.com

Customer Support

Phone: 810.922.9558
Business Hours: M-F 8am to 6pm EST
Emergency Support provided 24 / 7/ 365
Phone: 214.724.6808
eMail: support@globaliptandem.com


Phone: 810.922.9558
Business Hours: M-F 8:30am to 5:30pm EST
Phone: 810.922.9558
Fax: 214.594.6999
eMail: billing@globaliptandem.com

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